Remember the 80’s Offers Nostalgia and Bridges Generation Gap

Remember the 80’s Offers Nostalgia and Bridges Generation Gap

BERNARDSVILLE, NJ— Children’s book author Donna Fox is calling on all who were raised in the 80’s to share their heritage. For anyone who remembers growing up to the din of MTV while trying to solve a Rubik’s cube and waiting patiently for a weekend of roller skating- Fox’s new release, Remember the 80’s, Jersey Girl, is part flashback, part history lesson.

“My goal is for readers to use this book as a catalyst for discussion with their youngest loved ones so that we may keep the spirit of the 80’s alive,” she said. “It is imperative to share the memories now so that this pieceof oral and written history can be passed on.”

Life before the internet, cell phones, andinstant gratification in general produced a generation of young people who were free to focus on “connecting with others without distraction, playing outside in the fresh air, and truly listening to music. We learned to wait for the most simple and valuable of things….like sitting by the radio on a snowy morning to listen for your school’s number in hopes of a snow day,” said Fox.

Rejoicing in the combination of artwork and photos in the same style as her debut book, Jersey Girl, Remember the 80’s, Jersey Girl is also a pastiche of photos from Fox’s youth taken by her mother, Maria Lynskey, and artwork by Ocean Grove artist, Sue Gioulis. A significant touch was given to the 80’s collection of memories via the talent of her homeroom classmate, Steve Lingle, who served as the graphic designer. While Jersey Girl followed summer memories in the 1970’s, Remember the 80’s, Jersey Girl follows her character into the subsequent era.

Fox credits the need to share the simpleness of and enthusiasm about her 80’s upbringing with her young son as a way to encapsulate all that was good about life in that very special decade. It seemed fitting that she launched the title recently in her beloved hometown of Marlton, NJ with proceeds from all sales benefittingtwo New Jersey charities: Girl Talk Marlton and Marlton Sports Unity.“It’s important to look back, remember where we came from, and give back,” said Fox.

For children of the 80’s, Fox created a space on her Jersey Girl Publications website to share their own memories and recollections from the decade that brought us legwarmers, “Dirty Dancing,” and The Go-Go’s.
Fox’s upcoming book signing to celebrate the release of Remember the 80’s, Jersey Girl will be on Thursday, November 30th from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. at The Bookworm in Bernardsville. Going forward into the new year, Donna plans to travel to library storytimes to share her work and 80’s artifacts so that the youth of today will know about and recognize ‘historic items’ such as a negative, a cassette, and a love note.

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