Testimonials from our Readers

The perfect new baby gift!   

I ordered a book from you in October and the parents loved it. It will be my new "go to" baby girl gift. Any plans for a jersey boy book? I will include the baby's name below. Anything you write will be great!

K. Boyle    January 11, 2017  

You have got to get this book!!!   

To all my Jersey beach loving friends... You have got to get this book!!!
Beautiful story that had me in tears (of course) from the start and it just keeps getting better as you turn the pages. Full of so many connections of summers growing up and raising my kids down the shore... where everything's alright. Not to give away any surprises.;) The author is from Bernardsville and has signed all copies at The Book Worm in town. She's an awesome mom whose son happens to be in Sammy's class this year. I'm so glad I learned about this story💗

Jessica Y.    May 23, 2017 

Brought Me Back to the 80's and Our Generation   

Donna, I just wanted to reach out to you and congratulate you on your beautifully written books. I can honestly say that reading them choked me up, warmed my heart up and REALLY brought me back to the 80's and our generation. I always talk to my kids about our era of growing up and how different it is today. But as I read your books to my sons last night - I FELT the memories. As I am writing this to you on social media, I can't help but think how much more fitting it would be to have actually sent a hand written letter through the mail to you!! I certainly miss those days. From the blockbuster rentals, to the skating rinks, to the pay phones we used at school and the school closing procedures, it really hits home how time has flown and how life has changed. Reading about the jersey shore brought back the actual "smell" of my grandparents home we visited every single summer with all of our cousins, and the crabbing we did off the dock in their back yard and the family dinners we shared. THIS was such a huge trip down memory lane. I cant wait until my daughter comes home for spring break so I can share with her also. Thank you so much, God bless your beautiful family and the memories you continue to create with them. Thank you so much for the sweet personalized inscription. Good luck on your next book and new adventures that lie ahead for you! Cant wait to read about them. <3

Cindy R    February 24, 2018  

Captures a girl’s heart!  Thank you for capturing how the Jersey Shore captures a girl’s heart! It’s truly a part of who we are!

Katie M    December 11, 2017  

 Gorgeous book!   

This book celebrates everything sacred and special about the jersey shore. Anyone who has been lucky enough to enjoy those golden beaches or swim in the frothy waves will fall in love with this book. Even though it's a children's book, adults can relish it as well. Added bonus: it looks beautiful on the coffee table at your beach house!

L E Waters    September 16, 2016   Website